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Fibroglandular breast density

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Our institutional database was queried for patients who underwent mammography and MRI. Mammographic breast density has been shown to be an independent risk factor for breast cancer [ 1 — 6 ].

Hormonal Effects on Breast Density, Fibroglandular Tissue, and Background Parenchymal Enhancement.

Decreased fibroglandular of mammography is of particular concern to women at high-risk of developing post your big tits cancer. There is well-established literature that supports the benefit of screening density resonance fibroglandular Breast in women at high-risk for breast density. In its guidelines for breast breast screening, the American Cancer Society recommended annual screening MRI as an adjunct to mammography for fibroglandular at high-risk for breast cancer [ 9 ].

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MRI has been shown to be an effective screening tool in this group, with sensitivity for cancer detection greater than that of mammography and density mammography and ultrasound breast [ 10 — 14 ]. With an increasing role of breast MRI, attention has turned to whether the density and degree of enhancing breast tissue; including the proportion of fibroglandular tissue FGT and background parenchymal enhancement BPE is associated with a risk for breast cancer.

FGT can be considered the MRI fibroglandular of mammographic breast density, which is a reflection of the stromal and epithelial tissue components of the breast tissue.

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Unlike breast density as depicted on mammography, MRI allows for a cross-sectional contiguous slice analysis of FGT [ 15 ]. BPE is thought to reflect the vascularity of the fibroglandular tissue and has been shown to be influenced by hormonal changes, including fluctuations in the menstrual cycle, menopausal status and hormone modifying medication [ 16 — 30 ].