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Female urinary catheter fetish

Restraints - Black Leather. Catheters are flexible tubes used in medical treatment and surgery for feeding into various body structures to allow access from the outside.

Catheter Porn

The main use of a catheter in BDSM, is the catheters catheter href="">outdoor surface led strip for the bladder 'control' scenes: Catheter play involves the urethra, the tube fetish runs between the bladder and the outside female the body, emerging in men at the end of the penis and in women female inside urinary vagina area under urinary clitoral hood.

Except for catheter very end nearest the surface, this tube is fetish, and anything inserted into it deeper than a few millimeters should be sterile too otherwise an infection is easily caused.

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Serious damage can be done by inserting inappropriate catheter or using excessive force or bad technique. The best known forms of urethral play involve catheters and sounds, items of medical equipment specifically designed for use in the urethra.

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Regretfully, fetish far this briefing only covers male catheterization. Women's urethras are shorter, and can be difficult to insert or urinary the catheter.

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Women are also even more prone female infection. We only recommend properly trained and practiced individuals attempt female catheterization.

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A word of caution: This kind of play is not something you should engage in with someone who is inexperienced or who does not understand all the necessary precautions.