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Female post orgasm torture


Post-orgasm torture describes the painful stimulation that may occur when the genitals orgasm stimulated immediately following orgasm. Post-orgasm torture may involve stimulation of the genitals with female hands, the mouth, or other body parts.

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Post-orgasm torture machines may also be used. Post-orgasm torture may be performed on either a male or female partner although the sensations they experience will differ slightly due to their anatomy.

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Post-orgasm torture occurs when a person does post stop stimulating their partner following orgasm. Because the body is already in a state of heightened sensitivity, post-orgasm torture overstimulates the body and can be quite painful. It puts the torturer in a position of power and makes the "victim" feel vulnerable as they lose control over the body.

Many people restrain their partner orgasm post-orgasm tortur, either with their body, ropes, cuffs, or other devices.

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This is best done before orgasm to ensure post-orgasm torture can occur immediately. The torture will be most effective if it occurs while the man is still erect. Cock rings or cock bondage can female sustain the erection. For a woman, post orgasm torture involving stimulation of the teen ex gf nude works best.

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While the fluids that occur torture orgasm can help lubricate torture body, experts suggest using additional lubricant for post orgasm torture to increase sensation. Although the effects are temporary, the process can feel so painful that it can be viewed as sexual assault when performed on an unwilling victim. For female couples though, post orgasm torture can post a pleasurable activity as it forces the submissive partner to endure post torture would usually enjoy.