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Female orgasim looks like

This is huge horse cock sex close like of a clit having an orgasm.

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It's actually kind of cool, and like vag looks, um. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it's a lot nicer than I expected. I still don't want to get that close in person, but some of you guys make orgasim seem so terrible.

What a female orgasm looks like. NSFW

It doesn't seem so bad. No a vagina is not that bad but then again I'm bisexual and I find that female and women's genitals pretty female taste the same to me. Orgasim dear, have you guys not ever looks of counselling for your pathological fear of the vagina. ECT might be more likely to like effective actually. And does the OP really think that's "what a female orgasm looks like?

Photographer captures women's orgasm faces as they climax for intimate picture series

Her clit looks swollen, but orgasim happens when it's played with, it doesn't mean an orgasm is talking place. It's just a close up of a cunt; I definitely would not proclaim it "what a female orgasm looks like. There was a program on cable Female, maybe The Learning Channel when it was still about Looks, that had a tiny camera inside a vagina during sex, including orgasm.

Can't remember the name, "The History of Sex"?

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