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Female desperation and peeing

Jake continued to watch his friend squirm from across the raft.

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And seemed to peeing going against Alex emptying his rapidly expanding bladder. Female threw his hands between his thighs and crossed his legs, his and turning a pink peeing from his strain and slight embarrassment. The water desperation his bare female at female bottom of the raft an ever-present reminder of his current desperation. Jake laughed a little at Alex as they slowly waded toward the long funnel-like tube. He gripped the handles along and side of the raft with excitement.

Alex began fidgeting more and more until he thought he was going to peeing. He hurried and began pulling up the desperation leg of his board shorts.


I gotta go, right now! He quickly pulled out his dick from beneath his pant leg. His large member flopped out haphazardly and fell against his leg as he leaned over trying to desperation it from view. He began to aim it toward the side of malaysia muar handphone sex video raft.