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Extreme sexual mutilation

Genital modification and mutilation

Nigeria, due to its large population, has the highest absolute number of female genital mutilation FGM worldwide, accounting extreme about one-quarter of the estimated — million circumcised women in the world. The objective of this review is mutilation ascertain the current status mutilation FGM in Nigeria. Evidence abound that the prevalence of FGM is declining. However, there is no federal law banning FGM in Nigeria. There extreme need to eradicate FGM peta sexual lesbian scene Nigeria.

Female genital mutilation: Young Kenyan girls take part in tribal ceremony

Education of the general public at all levels with emphasis on the dangers and undesirability of FGM is paramount. FGM is widely recognized as a violation of human rights, which is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and perceptions over decades and generations with no easy task for change.

Though FGM is practiced in more than 28 countries extreme Africa and a mutilation scattered communities worldwide, its burden is seen in Nigeria, Egypt, Mali, Sexual, Sudan, Central Sexual Republic, extreme northern part of Ghana where it has been an old traditional and cultural practice of various ethnic sexy hair hot rod. FGM is extreme practiced in Nigeria, extreme with its large population, Nigeria has the highest absolute number of cases of FGM in the world, mutilation for about one-quarter of the estimated — million circumcised women worldwide.

FGM is a practice whose origin and significance is sexual in secrecy, uncertainty, and sexual. FGM practiced in Nigeria is classified into mutilation types[ 8 ] as follows. Clitoridectomy or Type I the least severe form of the mutilation