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Eva green 300 rise of an empire

It's not unheard of for an actor's performance to define a film so greatly that it lifts that film to another level.

Eva Green: Artemisia

It's a little more rare, though, in a big-budget, visual-effects driven vehicle like this weekend's " Rise of an Empire. She owns this movie.

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Empire -- who rose eva prominence after playing Vesper Lynd in 's "Casino Royale" -- will never be accused of phoning in this performance. She struts and green her way through this "" sequel with confidence and gusto. Rise, "sequel" isn't quite the right word here. Green plays Artemisia, a commander of the Persian navel forces who battle the Greeks at the same time as the events of the original "" are playing out.

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For being such an overwhelming force on screen at one point Artemisia makes out with a decapitated head of a man she had just killedGreen, in real life, could almost be described as shy -- and when we spoke, she hadn't even seen the movie yet because she doesn't like watching herself in movies. Boy, is she in for 300 treat.

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