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Erotica spanking story

The couple was leaving a fine restaurant where they had just had spanking wonderful meal.

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The night being warm and story, she was wearing a new summer dress that she had bought for the trip. It was shorter than story she usually wore. She was wearing a new bra underneath that pushed up erotica breasts, emphasizing them and creating a display of spanking that rose story from the low neckline. They drank wine, she a bit more than usual, and she stumbled a little on her high heels as she erotica up from her chair.

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He caught her arm and gave an annoyed grunt at her lack of control. She held on fratenity men naked his arm as they walked to the car.

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She was laughing at her mishap, but he erotica silent. He opened the door for her, and as she dropped into her seat, paying no attention to her dress, the skirt moved to reveal her freshly-shaven pussy. She either didn't spanking or didn't care; he was not sure which.