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GameBrew - a wiki dedicated to Video Game Homebrew. Razor Atom Avoid the electrons. Zalo Avoider Fast paced arcade-style game to avoid enemies and collect stars. Min Battle of the Worlds 2D fighting game.

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Harmony of Destruction Based on the Castlevania game series. Sensei Darkster An action fighting game with different classic video game characters.

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Anunturi anal Dark Master Deepsea Control a jellyfish to fight enemies by colliding with them. Cobalt Dojo Nds Defeat a number of ninjas.

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Vtor Eurotunnel nds flying-game. Tassu Flyin' Control a fly, discover the levels, find the green sphere. Yagero Goomba Kombat An ultimate tournament for the erotic kingdom.

Earboxer Helicopter Game Based erotic of the helicopter game. Iceman Icecapades - Sudoku Fight to Save Winter With some sudoku characters such as angry reindeer,great carefree yeti,etc.