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Erotic photographs of men

Power Play: Erotic Images of Men

The nude male form is not often thought of as sensual or erotic, but these photos prove that it is. For many centuries, the female body, which is really nice to look at, has been used in many ways for the viewing pleasure and sexual pleasure of other people.

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For many years, women have fought to photographs the notion that they are only as good as their bodies are percieved. There have been deliberate steps by writers, photographers, artists, musicians men.

Alexandre Haefeli, photographs Swiss photographer is taking a different approach to this gender imbalance struggle by flipping the script, showing that men's bodies are equally as sensual and erotic as that of the women's.

Haefeli created a project called 'The Company erotic Men', an page series.

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He casts young men in several states of nudity and photographs them in states that depict innocence, pure lust and desire. Just like women have been celebrated for nothing more than being buxom or sexy, men are now being celebrated for their looks too. These images show a never-before-seen side of the male men celelbrity sex clips softness, innocence, vulnerability and sensuality.

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