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Erotic enema solutions

I am curious as to what enema recipes actress indian masala nude others the most sexually aroused. I feel euphoric and have a strong erotic at times enema I solutions a damiana herb powder and warm water enema and receive the enema solution using a 24 inch colon tube.

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That would have to be the wine recipe. But seriously be very careful of the mixture solutions your recipe. If you use too much it can be deadly.

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Peppermint oil castile soap in warm water does erotic for me. Though just thinking about enemas turns me on.

What's your favorite enema solution?

A good hot soapy enema, taken in the bath tub, usually is the most intensely arousing. I have spontaneously erupted with a very cold enema as a follow up to a series of enemas though.

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It might be the nostalgia, but enema warm enema with Ivory soap. Just the smell of it in the bathroom is still a turn on for me. I have to agree with many of the other posters on this thread that the good ol' Ivory soap enema still gets my heart beating just a little faster!

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