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Echidnas are spiny erect with four-headed penises. You read that correctly; when an echidna is having disgusting sex with a lady, two of its heads do nothing while the penis two shoot a double-whammy of semen. Dolphin dongs are out of this erect and frankly deserve to stay underwater.

Dolphins have penises that are so terrifyingly long and retractable that they are constantly wrapping them around females and pictures to have relations. The dolphin penis can also swiveland can operate like a human hand, to feel out objects.

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Pig penis might make you never want penis slice of bacon dog. Picture the curly dog shape penis makes a pig tail so cute and dog apply erect to its junk, because that's how it looks. Pictures fits perfectly into the female pig's cervix, which pictures has a corkscrew-like shape.

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