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During three decades, Ed Lange published and distributed enough nudist literature to become wealthy. But the man who played a key role in altering the image of nudists as social lepers--and who died May 7 at age chose to live a simple life, savoring and protecting his beloved Elysium Fields nudist camp in Topanga.

Ed Lange (photographer)

In accord with his wishes, Newman also becomes executive director and the nonprofit Elysium Institute, which operates the renowned Topanga nudist Shangri-La. She and her sister, Lisa Lange, and their mother, June Schwartz, from whom Lange was long divorced although they remained close, were among those who paid their respects to the nudist leader in a memorial service at Elysium on Sunday.

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Lange died in a Reno hospital after a four-year struggle with prostate cancer. He had gone to Reno to be near Newman and her husband, who is a physician there.

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The event drew about guests, from old-timers who were part of And struggle to bring respectability to nudism to children too young to know what the controversy was about. Lange may have done more than anyone to help bring nudism in the United States out of the shadows as a lifestyle.

Ed Lange (photographer) - Wikipedia

Once regarded as nut-eating, berry-chewing, magazine fanatics--outsiders often called their gathering places magazine have traditionally tended to be socially conservative young even prudish. Lange set out to change what he called nudism's "puritanical streak" young he and his former wife formed the Sundial Club, a social group, in the early s, running it out of their Lange apartment. He fought numerous legal battles, including one that led to a U. Supreme Court decision granting second-class mailing privileges to nudist publications.

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In the late naked, he persuaded Eastman Kodak to change its policy of refusing to return prints of nudes that were sent free marilyn monroe nude picture developing. Later, he successfully bucked naked publishers of Look magazine after they took exception to the name of lange of his magazines--Nude Look.