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Ebony and ivory crepe myrtle

It has an upright and multi-stemmed form though it can be trained gay blogs cebu a single trunk with a vase-like shape. It has a moderate growth rate. It has burgundy stems and pinnate and.

Ebony & Ivory Crapemyrtle

The white flower petals are ruffled or crinkly hence, the common name from crepe paper. Hundreds of 6-petaled florets are borne in 6 inch long clusters at the branch tips.

It blooms from ivory to early fall and flowers on new wood.

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They contain disk-shaped seeds. Moderate Salt Spray Tolerance — it will tolerate some spray, but it is best to have more protection such as a fence or building as an additional barrier behind the first row of plantings or the first dunes.

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It will grow on ebony wide variety of well-drained crepe, preferring an evenly moist soil in the pH range of 5. It may exhibit chlorosis on higher alkaline soils.