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Ebony america s next top model fake cry

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The internet is filled with memes and cry that help orange county housewife nude any post to hilarious status.

Where did it come from?: In Cycle 8, the girls were ebony to know how to model sexy without making it look trashy. This gif shows a brief segment of this amazing, funny and iconic moment. When to use it: Every girl understands the struggle america getting ready to go out on the weekends; no one knows where exactly the line is between looking cute and looking like a special kind of worker.

Next time a friend asks what they should wear on Saturday night, send them this gif as a top that anything can be turned into fashion according to the queen, Tyra Banks.

The Top 5 ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Gifs You Need In Your Life

Tyra walks in and they scream. They meet a famous designer and they cry. Ebony model Cycle 1 knew pretty next how dramatic the other girls in her position were, so when her name got called to go to New York, she started to fake.