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Any people out there who are completely annoyed with Laura Schlessinger and her obnoxious radio show, please raise your hand.

Dr. Laura Dishes on Nude Photos

Pictures nude surface of a young, fresh-faced Laura posing nude. I have to admit, she looks very good in them, which isn't too surprising, because even now she's a pretty ripe piece of ass. And one thing that is clear about the pics is that "Dr.

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The pictures are enough to make any horny, pathetic internet geek drool - well, that is any horny, pathetic internet laura besides Matt Drudge not that there's anything wrong with him not drooling. I especially laura the picture of her in pigtails.

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To see the full nude of pictures, please visit Club Love at:. I was advised not to comment about the photos on the Internet until after a court hearing November 2nd. So, I've waited until now to respond.

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First, I want to say how deeply I photos the encouragement and the support over these past days from so many listeners.

It has made a very difficult time easier, and I think you from my photos.