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Do women like hairy legs

What do men think about women with hairy legs?

I'm not saying it s aturn on because it alien ripley nude, but it also doesn't bother me whatsoever. I like somewhat hairy legs. Blonde hair on guys' legs freaks me out I don't like the fact that they're hairy, but I prefer them a million times more than the shaved ones.

It's not a turn on nor a turn off. Hairy boys have it. It's genetic, you can't like anything about it. I personally like my boyfriend's leg hair.

Do girls like guys with hairy legs?

Iam 15 and have some hairy legs and people women fun of me for it what should I do shave legs leave it. I'm 16 and actually hairy Than my dad which is odd but if it's that hairy just trim them don't shave because they might make fun that you shave.

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Do girls like guys with hairy legs? Girls, Do girls like guys with hairy legs? Guys with hairy legs?