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A hermaphrodite or intersexed person is someone who has some or all of the primary sex characteristics of both genders for example, a penis and a vulva.

There are three types of hermaphrodites: A true hermaphrodite is someone who has massage erotic kent ovary and testicular tissue.

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The genitalia can vary from completely male or female, to a combination of both or have ambiguous looking. Female pseudo means that penises person has XX chromosomes with normal female internal organs but with masculanised genitalia, while male psuedo means that person is born with XY chromosomes. Such a person has testes which are usually hidden in the abdominal cavity.

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The external genitalia are usually female. The situation in South Africa In South Africa, as in the rest of the world, hermaphrodite babies are not unusual.

The first two bigger parents ask when their baby is hermaphrodite, are '"'Is it a girl or boy? When surgery or hormonal treatment is considered, many factors are taken into account.

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