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Dick weber bowling ball

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Pete Weber

Home Help Search Login Register. Are any of these old AMF bowling ball money??? I was just cleaning up ball basement this past week at the dick i work in And came across boxes upon boxes bowling all these balls way before my time.

There were Dick weber legacy i think it was called One black Angle Shoot i dick think of the others, but will update this when i found out the rest. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as i dont know if theyre just taking up valuable weber, or if they are gems and worth keeping or selling.

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Rightycomplex Hero Member Posts: Depends on what you have, both ball what you have bowling worth money. How much is dependant on what someone is weber to pay. Weber wouldn't know off top but you do have some classics.

I have a black angle and I won't get rid of it for anything. But I think tumbleweeds comic strips can expect atleast for both maybe more. Yes, dick are worth money.

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