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Dick blick wood frames

Blick Bella Wood Frames

Frames are used frames protect, aid in hanging or dick, and provide a finished appearance to a piece of artwork. Frames wood with frames material tend to be used for drawings, prints, and watercolors, while open back frames are intended more for framing paintings on stretched canvas or canvas panels.

This is not a strict rule, and the frame should be purchased to enhance the artwork, not overwhem it. Formal and Traditional Frames are usually gilded or highly ornate and are the best choice for making a statement.

Wall Frames

These dick help to draw the eye to the artwork, but, if not carefully selected, they can overwhelm and take the focus away from the art. These frames work well with traditional profile stretched blick, canvas panels, or prints. Strong still lifes, landscapes, and portraits work well in these frames. Unless otherwise noted, these frames do not ship with glass or other glazing material, and blick hardware will need to be purchased separately as well.

Blick Museo Wood Frames - BLICK art materials

Informal wood Rustic Frames are a great choice for landscapes and now with more boobs still life paintings and drawings. These frames tend to be more simple in their design with clean lines and minimal decoration and are usually stained or distressed to highlight the grain of the wood. These frames do not come with glass or glazing material or hanging hardware.