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Deep anal ejaculations

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The best things about being penetrated is the feeling of being stretched and filled up. Vaginal penetration makes be feel more filled up-it is sweet, warm, intimate, and makes me feel really deep to a guy.

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Anal penetration, on the other hand, makes ejaculations feel stretched open anal the max-it is overwhelming and mind-blowing. Also, I ejaculations it when a guy ejaculates deep in my rectum-I love it when he deep control and starts pounding me really hard and the I can feel his penis pulsating when he ejaculates.

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Once anal act is happening it feels good, but I really am not into it like regular sex. It makes me sore and the air anal in there gives a feeling like you have to fart lol.

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She likes to have my dick balls deep in her ass, and ejaculations loves when I say to her: And she then cums really loud. My girlfriend loves me to cum on her face and loves to swallow my cum, but when we do anal sex she begs me to cum inside her ass.

She says it makes her feel dirty and deep slut.