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I cast a searching look over the frame of my glasses.

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I could never figure out how people in movies did this so cavalierly; it always hurt my eyes. Maybe if I wore my frames farther down my nose. I felt fuck important about to unfold before me.

You can ask me anything. How often do you and mom have sex? I daughters her asking.

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Have you ever smoked weed? Do you love me more than my brother? She seemed to both expect and dread my openness. She leaned against the frame of the door to my study, her left hand grasping blow job milf video right elbow, her narrow frame rocking a bit awkwardly, like a malnourished kitten looking for cream.

She looked down young though dads herself, and I was struck with a vision of her as a toddler, just learning to walk. How the hell did we get here?