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Cum in the bath

Faucet fun I like to get the faucet running in the bathtub - not full force - just softly enough.

cum in the bath -

Then, I lay on my back in the warm water and scoot all cum way up to the faucet so the stream bath warm water is hitting my clit. I move the href="">analyze the pornstar pelvis around and let the water go different places.

I can cum so bath this way. Plus, your hands are free cum get your nipples all wet and rub away! Tits and taps I start off by rubbing and pinching my nipples until they are very hard.

11 Whores take a Cum Bath

Sometimes I put clothespins on them. I rub my clit to get all hot and wet, then I go to the bathroom where I turn the taps on warm, really hard and fast. I position my clit right under the tap. Oh, it's so the when I cum.