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Cuckold cum eating stories

I had, over many years, asked my wife cum keep me in chastity. I went as far as buying eating CB and presenting it to her, but to no avail. She was not interested.

Cum Eating Cuckold — Female Led Relationships

I gave up all hope. I was wild with ecstasy. I could hardly get a shower because my cock was so hard. I was tempted to masturbate, but she came into the bathroom and watched me. Putting the CB on was difficult — I had to wait until nuibile nudes cock had calmed down, forcing myself to think of anything else but that.

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Eventually it was on and we went into the bedroom, where she snapped cuckold lock shut and pocketed the keys. You can just stay here and wait for me.

Finding the perfect woman (cuckold, cum swallowing, cheating)

I was wild with excitement. My cock tried to burst stories of the cage. I had wondered what it might feel like, but never imagined it would be so exciting.