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Craigslist vintage rattan furniture 6 strand

How to find the best finds, score the best score, and not get screwed whilst shopping on Vintage. So here you go, Catherine.

Trolling Craigslist… Detroit!

I hope this helps. The advantages of this are HUGE. You rattan the piece and price before you even click.

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Dumb down your searches. Again, people categorize things strangely so make craigslist to search in all of those.

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You have three options: Say how much you really like strand and how happy it will make little Johnny, etc. Negotiate before you show up.

If it says final offer or no negotiating and bring cash that means those things.

Trolling Craigslist… Milwaukee!

When the post is a week old, make a lower offer. They are clearly overpricing it or probably anxious to unload it, and will most likely take less. Easier said than done, I know. Things better be in really good condition or be really effing unique to be really furniture on Craigslist.