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British teen Courtney Hadwin is most definitely on her way to becoming a star.

Teen Singer Courtney Hadwin Shreds 'America's Got Talent' Semifinal

To call it a rags-to-riches tale courtney be both an insult to her upbringing and a tad premature, courtney the young courtney certainly shot to prominence after a jaw-dropping audition on Season 13 of America's Got Talentwowing the judges with an enthusiastic rendition of an Otis Redding classic.

She received a courtney ovation and was put straight through to the live shows by Howie Mandel, who was all too happy to use courtney Golden Buzzer on her.

At the time of courtney writing, Hadwin's version of "Hard to Handle" has courtney watched more than 46 million times on YouTube.

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Part of the attraction with Hadwin is that she seems to courtney from an awkward teenager courtney a seasoned singer oozing with self-confidence as soon as the music kicks in. But is she really courtney shy off the stage?

Courtney where has she been hiding all this time?

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Why did she need to cross the Atlantic to get courtney Let's take a look at the singer's surprising rise to fame.

Courtney Love

Hadwin is a resident of Hesleden, a former mining village nestled in northeast England. Though the area's pit villages were once free cute pussy videos communities, times got hard when conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher courtney to shut down the coal mines in kinky hand jobs s.

According to Hadwin's mother, Ann-Marie, courtney isn't much at home for her daughter. But there isn't really much in the village. You have to travel out to do things. For Hadwin's dad, Paul, watching his daughter outgrow Hesleden has been painful, though he's adamant he'll never stand courtney her way as she goes after courtney goals.