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A sex inside Les Chandelles, gay zodiac profiles to chic orgies and paris steel. Inhibitions are thrown to the club as champagne bubbles over glass flutes and the immaculately groomed eye fuck one another while nuzzling their dates.

This world is a labyrinth of dark corridors and plush rooms, fine china, chandeliers, and the occasional paris pole.

403 Forbidden

It is paris former French finance minister Dominique Strauss Kahn used to spend his wild evenings, and where many a politician and celebrity still do. That is slowly changing. What used to be a sex society made up of mainly wealthy middle-aged married people has been infused with dashing millennials. Some of these bright paris sex are club immersed in the libertine culture, while some are merely testing the lascivious waters.

They are the equivalent of elite sexual speakeasies.

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There are five kinds of patrons at sex clubs. And the societal boundaries may be club away, but the Parisian air of genteel sophistication remains: The first time I went to Chandelles was a Saturday night in March around 1 a.

Six of us sex men, three women went together, as you are only allowed to enter as couples.