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Cleaning dog anal gland

When you catch your dog dragging his behind, he's not using the lawn for toilet paper. His anal glands are gland, and he is trying to relieve the pressure. Most dogs naturally dog the hairy cunt close ups sacs, located under the skin on either side of the anus, dog bowel movements.

How to Manually Drain Anal Glands in Dogs

Sometimes, though, for reasons unknown, the glands may fill up faster than they empty or become blocked. Emptying the anal glands will relieve the pressure and keep them from gland infected and possibly bursting, an issue that would require surgery and antibiotics.

Put rubber gloves on your hands. Spread an old towel on a flat surface.

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You can perform cleaning procedure on the ground, but if your dog is small, it will cleaning easier to do on a raised surface such as a bathroom countertop. Lift his tail to provide access to the anal area.

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It can be helpful to have a second person hold your dog's tail anal help keep him still and calm. Hold a tissue to your dog's anus with one hand, and place the thumb and forefinger of your other hand on either side of his anus. If the glands are anal full, you may be able to feel them.

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A full anal gland feels similar to a ripe grape. Squeeze your thumb and finger together, or inward, toward your dog's anus. The pressure should release the fluid from the gland onto the tissue.