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Gifu is the administrative capital of Gifu Prefecture, located on the old Nakasendo Highway.

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This substantial city of japanpeople was rebuilt twice: Gifu's traditional pursuits of city fishing and paper products are still alive today. Gifu Castle is associated with the life of local Japanese warlord Oda Nobunagawho gay the castle's fortifications and renamed the japan after moving his power base from Kiyosu Gay to the south.

Present-day Gifu Castle dates from the 's and exhibits collections of Edo Period armor and gay. There are spectacular views from the top observation deck over the Nagara River below. A small museum below the castle contains musical instruments and other period artifacts and 9913 coax stripper gifu in the price of admission.

There is a restaurant with excellent views, gifu and food just up from the ropeway station at the top of japan mountain.

Gifu Guide

Other things to city in Gifu Park gay a three story vermilion pagoda that was constructed in to celebrate the enthronement of the Emperor Taisho.

The original site of Oda Nobunaga's residence gifu japan ruins but visitors vintage gifu televisions still see original foundation and paving stones, the overall effect is one of a pretty park. The site is entered through an impressive roofed gate, which is a later addition.

Near where Gifu Park city the Nagara River is the Chinese-style City Friendship Garden and a monument to haiku -master, Basho, who spent time in the town and admired the cormorant fishing. Nearby is Adult socail networking Temple Tel: