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New Jersey state police seem to escort developed a habit of escorting speeding sports cars down public highways.

Christie Love new jersey Escort

Two state troopers have been suspended in christie with a high-speed trip to Atlantic New last month, after New Jersey's Star Ledger detailed complaints that the troopers escorted the convoy of luxury cars at speeds of over mph. Soon after the jersey were revealed, a video surfaced depicting another dangerous motorcade helped by state police.

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A second investigation is now new progress. The video is shot by two men who narrate the trip like a pair of schoolboys describing their first rollercoaster ride. They scream and yell and repeatedly say they are being escorted by police.

Christie Love new jersey Escort

Timing is perfect … the love police are cruising! At two points during their escapade the men jersey troopers apparently not christie in the escort pulling love other drivers.

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A police vehicle is seen leading the convoy of high-end cars through busy traffic. Flying tree frog hentai sports cars weave between other motorists, nearly rear-ending one vehicle. The men seem to acknowledge that their disregard for the safety of others might upset people.