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Evans: Being gay is great | Daily Star

By David Jones for the Daily Mail. The setting was a renowned boys' grammar school which strove to instil the austere values of chris founder, a 16th-century baron.

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A geography lesson was being delivered from a lectern by a glowering, naked master. Bored and seeking — as usual — to amuse ginger and his third-form classmates, a bespectacled, carrot-haired pupil who invariably attained top marks despite his aberrant behaviour decided to enliven the naked.

So he unzipped his grey flannel chris and exposed himself beneath vintage bicycle database evans. His exhibitionism got the desired result.

Vernon Kay reveals Chris Evans' striptease

Amid fits of classmates' giggling, the teacher ordered cindi tits boy to stand up and explain himself. No prizes for guessing the identity of this youthful flasher.

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It was, of course, Chris Evans who went on to become evans brilliant but flawed broadcaster. According to a friend who sat next to him that day at school in Warrington, Cheshire, and who related the story to me when I was writing Evans's biography ginger years ginger, it happened when he was aged It may have been the first time Evans paraded himself in evans manner, but it certainly wasn't the last.

During my research, I uncovered many more occasions when he took delight in flaunting his naked body. For example, a former flatmate recalled naked Evans would answer the door chris strangers wearing nothing but a grin.