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Around us in the restaurant, heavyset men inch their way along the breakfast buffet chris women in loose sweatshirts share the latest gossip. Chris seems perfectly at ease and self-possessed, only lowering his voice, and then only lowering it slightly, when we talk about his femininity.

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Crocker claims they shots are phony, but we know bologna when we see it! Get Dick Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of chriscrocker frankgriggs gay stories and more 12 Comments Mr. B Looks sort of like Crocker, but it also looks like about fifty thousand other blond twinks out there.

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Femininity does slip automatically equal female. Why is he a crocker A lot of the bizarre stuff that Queerty writes could be considered crackpot. If Crocker is a crackpot, what is Queerty? I agree with the sentiments of the first commenter, though.

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The Britney video does not do his brilliance justice.