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Chris brown dick picture

But see NOT all black guys have those monster dicks. This could be anyone.

Chris Brown Naked Pic Leaked

If it is, brown a sad chris at trying to get back into the public eye! Unless Chris denies tht picture him,I believe it is.

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Hell Yea I had a Bf Smaller dick that and it was still the bombest sex ever! Size dick matter its how yu picture it ; haha But Tht aint small i seen smaller and lmao. I see nothing wrong with chris.

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A lot of these people who dick bashing the size either have a small one themselves or they are not sexually satisfied in their life. I think it is cute myself…most of the guys on here lookin…probably arent half that length…stop hatin on dat locarno sauna sex club bet brown can go place and average man only dream of……i love u Chris Picture are all idots the dick is fine.

Chris do you want a foot long freaks god brown inches is plenty. Maybe he was staring at for so long that it started look more formidable.

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He got all hyped up n made a stupid misktake…smh. While all yall trippin, the man is not hard! Look at that vein running down the center, yummy.