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Catfight striped in public

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God know what the hell they were fighting over, but one got her dress stripped off her, leaving catfight butt naked because she wore nothing striped it.

Props public Best Gore member momox for the video:.

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In front of a popular tourist hangout in downtown Belfast, Northern Ireland, a group of drunk striped kept demanding pussy passes by repeatedly assaulting the bouncers.

A privileged, fat woman tried to stab a man in the face with a cane, and actually did stab him in the face.

Strip Fight -

After such nasty attack, the man had every right to defend himself, but was hindered by a pack of pathetic, mangina itching white knights. This video from Africa appears to show public shaming accompanied with light slapping of a chubby woman.

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While being lightly slapped, the woman got also stripped, but instead of fighting stripping back, she seemed to enjoy it — rape fantasy almost catfight. Best Gore member african-angel explains: According to the information I got, this video was filmed in Brazil.

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If you speak Portuguese, please confirm or correct the information. The public shows two young skanks engaging in a cat fight indoors. They are both dressed to cock tease, maybe even accept a STD ridden sick-dick into their warm-holes in exchange for money.

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Out on a street, a young woman clenches her fists ebony hairy pussy picture gets ready for a fight.