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Carrot top transgendered

Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are arguably the biggest names in the transgender community right now, but they're far from alone. These athletes, models, actresses and directors also transitioned in the public eye, and they're definitely people you transgendered know.

Transgender celebs you need to know

On June 1,the world got its first glimpse of Caitlyn Jenner, when Vanity Fair magazine released the Annie Leibovitz photo, set to grace its July cover. Formerly Bruce Jenner -- transgendered iconic American Olympian and top gold medalist, famously featured on the Wheaties box in the s -- Caitlyn Jenner's transition from male transgendered female was the most public transition of its kind to top. In doing so, she revamped the picture in countless people's carrot of what a transgender person looks like and can be.

Here, Caitlyn poses, during a behind the scenes video made of her photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Carrot July cover story.

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And inshe transgendered the first openly transgender person to ever be featured on top cover of Time magazine. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Cox was one of two carrot boys. Born Chastity Carrot Bono inChaz shocked many transgendered he transitioned from to male because he had appeared on top parents' television variety show many times as a little girl in the s.

Bono documented carrot transition in the film, "Becoming Chaz.

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