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Some refer to these as cuckold or cheating wives or slut wives stories. I'm still trying to develop my style, but lean toward wry witticism while attempting to incorporate a story nude pictures of rhiana and keep a strong erotic flavor that is reflective of what readers of these stories are looking for.

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All sex tends to be consensual, the exception is when it's the result of blackmail or intimidation, and even then, there is a strong tendency to want to do what is being demanded. The husband is generally the victim, if there is one. Cuckold is no underage sex cuckold brutal violence.

My stories have a content guide in the story header to give the reader some idea in advance what lies ahead. I flavor my tales with such spices as interracial sex, Feminization, FemDom, impregnation, etc.

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I solicit reader's ideas for future plots. My e-mail address is shown at the end of my stories.

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However, the husband gets more than he bargained for. When his wife reveals that the goal of the "Cause" is to improve racial harmony by reducing sexual tensions between Blacks and Whites, he finds himself being coerced and drawn into activities of the "Cause" by cuckold dominant cunning wife. The ordeal they endure is told by one of the husbands - Philip.