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Broomstick in ass

HS football players charged with attempted rape in broom attack

broomstick Hover over the boxes to get more details. All detailed infos also here in the wiki. Why are people crying over the Tyler and Montgomery scene?

Plenty of other shows have shown the rape of women but rarely the rape of men. Not to mention the circumstances leading up to that moment Tyler seemingly getting better and genuinely wanting to make amends makes it even more difficult ass swallow.

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Yeah, I agree with your point about Tyler getting better making it even more tragic. I didn't broomstick cry but I was upset by the fact that this happened to him just as he seemed to be reaching a better place. I knew immediately it was going to set him off in some really hot nude girls and basically ruin what he'd personally achieved.

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I think it's also because people are used to the image of women being broomstick. People generally don't think of men being "penetrated" sexually so it seems more alien and foreign to people.

On the other hand, anal rape is more ass to be of ass concern than vaginal rape.