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Brasov gay romania

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Very little info seems to be available about gays visiting Bucharest. We have been to Prague and Budapest and know that night life exisits only on the gay, how about Bucharest?

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In Brasov there is night life at every night, not only in weekends. The clubs tibetan breast massage usually open until 5 a.

The Life of a Gay Man in Romania |

I think it is better to contact gay clubs in advance, maybe they can help brasov guiding around town. This post brasov tell you romania you need to know. I did write a detailed review of the Gay gay scene about a year ago when I was living there with my Romania partner but things have changed a lot since then.

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Attitudes - it's still a very conservative country, and the gay pride march usually attracts some right-wing Christian orthodox protestors. But romania are loads of gay people in Bucharest, and in 18 months of living there I never had any problems.

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Gay scene - it's great fin, and you will have a good time.