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Boby god life love marriage people plan sex theology young

Boby god life love marriage people plan sex theology young. Married Love and the Gift of Life.

Men and women considering marriage yearn for certain things. They want to be accepted unconditionally by each other. They want their marriage to vintage retro hairy pussy filled with love and happiness. They want a family. In short, they want their marriage to be a source of joy and fulfillment their whole life long. The desire and ability of a man and woman to form a lasting bond of love and life in marriage are written into their nature.

Boby God life Love Marriage people plan sex Theology Young

In the Rite of Marriage a man and woman are asked if they will love one another faithfully and totally—in short, if they will love as God loves. Will you accept children lovingly from God, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?

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Are you ready to accept this person, and all that may come from your union, completely and forever? The spouses seal their love and commitment through their sexual union.

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Many today find it difficult to understand how profound and meaningful this union is, how it embodies these promises of marriage. Our culture often presents sex as merely recreational, not as a deeply personal or even important encounter between spouses.

In this view, being responsible about sex simply means limiting its consequences—avoiding disease and using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. This cultural view is impoverished, even sad.