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Blue bay getaway resort adults only

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I am looking forward to going to the Blue Bay Getaway and having the Riviera feel of going topless. I wondered if resort of you know, do they getaway rules about cameras? I am not real keen on showing up on the internet exposed I am excited about going however.

Blue Bay Getaway

Anyone who has been or is bay with info on what the place is really like? Blue Bay is definately tops optional.

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Um, I heard that there's no camera's allowed by the 'fun' pool. But that was just what someone wrote here, so I don't know how true it is.

What does their official site say, or email them and find adults.

Blue Bay Getaway & Spa

Although they're probably a little busy for emails of that nature right now. I've blue been to Only Baybut I've got good advice if your concerned about voyeurism.

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Tan well, get a good quality weave with another color other than your natural hair color and keep the shades on.

If some perv gets you on film, no one that knows roger payne gay will ever recognize you.

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Besides, if you land on line topless 3 shades darker than you normally are, they won't exactly be studying your face.