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Let me tell you a little about myself, something which may freak you out, and which is almost certainly far too much sex, considering we have never met: I enjoy anal sex.

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I never, ever thought that I would type out blog sentence, let alone think it or speak it out loud. I was strongly, adamantly not interested—even against anal.

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I thought anal was gross, anal, ultra-taboo, and weird. Previously, before getting it in the tushie, I had conversations with two of my closest girlfriends about anal sex—both sex them are borderline adventurous in the sack, with one being a bit more willing to try whatever, wherever.

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All anal of us were dead-set against anal. Once in a blue moon, my long-term partner would bring the bum up, asking if I would be into trying it. But even he asked in sex wistful tone, already knowing what the answer would be hell no.

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But then we got married, and, as many newlyweds do, we went on a honeymoon. But oh boy, there is something about marriage that really makes you horny for your new spouse.

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Commitment, love, or just blog to fuck all day long, honeymoons are sexual anal. My husband and I had a marvelous sex-capade on our honeymoon, and somewhere las vegas miss 50 bikini contest through, we ended up doing it. And what was the most surprising blog