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Blind date tv show uncensored

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This DVD uncensored is the stuff you never get to show on TV and let me tell you, these people could make you never want to date again. It's a 3 disc set and I'm almost done the first one one and last night I had to turn it off because some of these people were just so raw and straight up FUCKED UP it wasn't even funny.


I really wish they would have put some of this stuff on network TV. It's way better blind the stuff they show on TV. There is a damn good reason all of couple amateur finist re people are single. If your video store has it, check it out.

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Has anyone checked this out yet? So date saying it's worth it, huh?

Blind Date Uncensored (Video ) - IMDb

I seriously have never seen that many people be mean to other people in my life. The shit they were saying to each other way just wrong on so many levels.

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I caught it on satellite, and I wasn't too impressed. It was mostly naked hot tub action -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- but softcore porn gets tiresome after awhile, and there's better and cheaper places to find it. I thought it got a little old.