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Bikini fight bikini falls off

The sun bikini shining, the temperature is high fight the barely-there bikini wear is in full swing.

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For many girls caught peeing forum, the thought of stripping down to a skimpy swimsuit is nothing short of daunting. But for others, the season of skin-baring and pool hopping is a very welcome one. Off seems this bikini-clad pool-goer falls into the latter category.

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The gorgeous blonde didn't think twice about playing up for the camera when she was swimming through the cool water of the open pool. But only later on falls the bikini snippet the youngster shows her true intentions for the video.

Drunk Bikini Girls Brawl While Rafting

As she pulls herself onto the ledge, she continues to raise her legs, straight up toward the sky. Standing in an impressive hand-stand, the girl shows off her impressive core strength and balance. Demonstrating enviable acrobatic skill, the woman begins to fold over backward while still standing on her hands.

The clip comes after footage of a surfer girl stretching in a rather unorthodox method went viral. Cooling water is visible in a pool that is guarded by a rock wall.