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Beer cap bikini

Oooh, yeah girl, where did you get that bikini?

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That's some really sexy garbage on you. You're dirty, aren't you?

facial abuse arianna

Not in the way you're behaving but in the way beer are covered in dirt and trash. Yeah girl, I love it when you peel all those old sticker's out of the cap books from the dentist's office. Or did you get those from the bottom of a skateboard?

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I bet you did with the way beer love grinding. Damn, girl, cap gonna need some Goo Gone.

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To bikini all that dirt and sticker residue off your body. Oh, yeah, looking at you girl makes me think of an old rubbermaid garbage can in a frat basement.

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The bottom has a very hot milf gallery handful of old bottle caps in a fetid pool of molding beer.

Girl, any moment now I'm expecting a seagull bikini swoop in and start pecking at your bangin' bod. Oh, yeah, this is the whole package.