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Bare bottom knee over spanking story

First chapter I have a life-long interest for spanking, ever since I was a young child. I never got spanked as a kid, though I was always so excited to hear when other kids told that they had been spanked for one reason or another. Especially when bottom best friend, a girl natalie martinez nude gallery Sandra, told me about a spanking she had received.

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Since we were close friends, I could also ask her about a little more details of the spankings she got, seemlingly just caring for her. Not that I didn't, I loved her and didn't really want her to be spanked, but every time she told me I couldn't help but to whish that one day I would spanking lucky enough to be at her house when she was in for it.

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However, that never happened. But from what she told me through the years I knew following: Sandra's dad was the one who usually "gave her a beating" as he called them.

Over the headmaster’s knee

He would usually make her bend over her bed and use a stick to hit her. When she were younger he hadn't used the stick, he had just spanked her with his hand, her laying across his knee. Sandra talked of story spankings with horror, they hurt for sure and I remember several times during the years that I comforted her after one.

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But now over bare more present days, starting with a day that came to change my over completely. As I reached my late teens I started to accept the fact that I would probably never see anyone get a spanking, except for the knee in spanking movies.