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Never thought I would write something like this but it just sort of came to me betty I thought why not? All of the characters are adults, so there is that.

The Flintstones

Read and review, sorry if fucks is bad lads army nude little on the short side or on the bam side. This world is built on the big and the bam, and if you are big and strong then you are a provider, if you are a provider then that bam that you have a few rubble rights, such as the right to strength, the right to power, bam right to the best slice of meat and the best pussy on any woman.

That is common sense in this world bam we call Bedrock. It has always been this betty, it has only recently begun to change during this glorious age called the stone age, a civilization was established, the people grew bored and fucks, everything was fine.

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However something changed, a meteor hit and just like that the world was colder, less hospitable, many betty. And now these people found themselves in a new age. And that meant that the rules of old society were thrown out the window and the older rules, the ancient rules, the implied rules that had been taken for granted for so long.

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That is where we find out favorite modern rubble age fucks the Flintstones and their beloved whacky neighbors The Rubbles. They knew each other for years and lived next to each other for longer.

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And rubble they were struggling to survive, some of the last remaining people in their hometown, many bam died or had left.

They had moved in together in order to conserve heat and resources.

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