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Bad lads army nude

Bad lads army nude

Suggest a Model Newsletter Signup. Lads was a popular recruit and was only too happy to show off his body army on the show. Rocco is str8, full of confidence and jennifer inderrieden fucking, combine that with his relaxed attitude about getting naked lads you will see a fantastic performance! Rocco is a straight english lad with a 9 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body with servicios de escorts en madrid. Rocco bad quite bad impression when we first photographed him and today we bring you his audition video, which we filmed a few days after he came from recording army TV series Bad Lads Army.

We contacted nude recently bad he agreed we could show his audition and watch out as Rocco is again about to have another 15 minutes of fame on Signed by Katie Nude, a new TV series starting October Str8 Former Bad Lad Rocco lads back to show army his cock as long as its round! Former TV Bad Lad Rocco is back to show nude his body after some hard months of working lads cutting up his abs!

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He is in full girl taking big dildo mode bad and parades around in his little briefs before turning away from the camera and whipping them down and army off his nicely formed butt!

Rocco army away on his uncut cock lads is soon pointing up and as fat round as it is long. He grips his cock so hard and often you can see the bruising from his hands grip on his meat. When its time to let loose Rooco lies back and strokes his cock pretty hard and bad gets noisy and seconds later he lets out a few giant spurts most landing on his chest, one squirt covering his armpit in cum.

He is covered, he does seem to shoot a lot when lads are in the room!

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NudeAdam Oakley. Rocco and Adam are lapping up the sunshine teasing each other as they strip down to some very bright boxers!