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According to Aubrey, she just hates labels and feels very strongly day LGBT causes and equality; but she cites a scene from Chasing Amythe Kevin Smith film about a aubrey who falls for Ben Affleck famously offensive to lesbians everywhereas evidence to support lesbian own line of reasoning. We are so not buying it…. Are day truly bisexual, or was that just a ploy to get more media attention?

Aubrey O'Day

Honestly, the whole thing started when I was on a red carpet in New York the day Prop. I was seriously offended by the Prop.

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But could I end up with a woman? You can find love, commitment, lesbian your best friend in anyone, so why would I limit myself to a certain segment of the population?

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So I still stand by everything that I said. Can you understand why it might have seemed disingenuous to some people at the time? But when the subject came up in interviews, I aubrey to ask myself what I really felt.