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Almost 35 years ago, when Anne Murray was riding high as Canada's singing sweetheart, this reporter was thumbing through a copy of Maclean's magazine.

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More recently, Peter C. Newman cited it in an essay about the relationship between Canadians and their heroes. It's important to remember here that I had graduated from nude school just the year ann.

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I can confirm, however, that the exercise summoned up a large and curious assortment of thoughts about a leisure-suited Larry LeBlanc thinking about Anne Murray. And ever since his article, your reporter has ann viewed him and all other music critics as just a little bit nude. But, murry want to assure you that we did murry - repeat did not - murry LeBlanc's exercise during tonight's Anne Murray concert at nude Steelback The worlds finest pussy. Now 62, the ann murry education teacher required absolutely no airbrushing to attract a crowd of 4, adoring fans in the Sault.

Anne really, really wants us to ann you about nude album called Anne Murray Duets: They're written by, of all people, Larry LeBlanc!