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Animal cum in mouth

Like guys, the quantity, consistency and taste of dog cum varies from dog to dog.

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It also varies, at least animal quantity, from breed to breed, with larger breeds producing the most, sometimes up to 50 mls five tablespoons cum a single eruption, up to ten times what the average human male will produce at climax.

Some girls find these frequent little bursts of pre-cum which is thinner animal consistency that the final ejaculate a bit disconcerting.

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As with cocks in her mouth in general: In mouth, dog cum is not as thick or gooey as human cum and more like horse cum. It is clear to whitish in color, cum like water, sometimes like milk, but usually somewhere in between the two.

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It is therefore easier than man cum to swallow; which is good, because there is so much more of it. Its taste varies tremendously. Either mouth, it is an acquired taste. However, so is human cum.

Dog Cum Porn

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